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Dear friends,

I am delighted to present to you the “Padre Pio” association, the last stigmatized priest in southern Italy having been canonized by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2000.

Padre Pio is in fact recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church. The image of holiness that Padre Pio can give is that of a dedicated Capuchin monk deeply connected to God. He was known for his healing gifts, his ability to read people's hearts and his ability to bilocation, that is, to be present in two different places at the same time.

These prodigious signs testify to Padre Pio's proximity to the divine. As a priest, he dedicated his life to serving God and others. He spent many hours in prayer, including meditating on the sufferings of Christ.

Padre Pio was also known for his compassion and concern for others, offering support and comfort to those in difficulty. He was a spiritual guide for many faithful and his holiness was visible through his unconditional love for God and his neighbor.

His extraordinary life, marked by miraculous signs, makes him a holy figure who is both disconcerting and inspiring for believers. Our team from the “Padre Pio” association has the great privilege of working to make Padre Pio better known. This magazine is a perfect example.

I would like to thank the business world who helped us with donations to be able to publish this magazine as part of sponsorship. We distribute it for free. Once again, thank you for your presence and support.

I wish you a good reading !!!


Promote the work of Padre Pio


Organize :

meeting groups, prayer groups,

trips, outings; pilgrimages, more particularly to San Giovanni Rotondo, to Pietrelcina, the places where Padre Pio lived


La communauté du Padre Pio est partout dans le monde. Nous sommes une goutte d'eau parmi tous les gens de bonne volonté voulant se laisser toucher par la grâce du Saint Esprit.

president of the padre pio association

President of the association

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